Katie Mayeux

Katie began her yoga journey a little over a decade ago when she stumbled into a hot vinyasa class on a busy street corner in Dallas, Texas.  At the end of that first practice she found herself laying in savasana completely still, mind quiet, with tears streaming down her face. This was the first time in her adult life that she had truly felt stillness, presence, peace. From that moment on, she was hooked.

Yoga started as a physical practice and quickly became a journey of self discovery, healing, and transformation. After 5 years of practicing asana, Katie became curious about going deeper, what more could this practice teach her? She embarked on her first teacher training. At the end of that training she traveled down to the Caribbean where she fell in love with the turquoise waters, the laid back life style and the vortex of energy that the VI is built upon. She flew home, quit her corporate job, bought 10 paddle boards and a one way plane ticket….what a journey it has been.

Since that time she has traveled the Eastern world diving deeper into the philosophical and mystical practice of yoga. It is her mission and intention to share the true meaning and transformational power of yoga with each and every soul she meets. For her, yoga is not a practice it is a way of life.

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